Eco concious.

Since 1990, it has been our mission to save resources, conduct minimal waste processes and choose lower impact alternatives.

We care.

Since 33 years, we have hosted several campaigns to spread awareness towards Environment friendly practices and have had collaborations with UNDC, WWF, CRY, SRCC and more.

Less is more.

Our motto has been 'Less is more' since our inception. We believe in producing products which are durable, last for years and can be passed down to continue its life. We believe in selecting quality products which do not harm the environment.

Our Founder

Born in 1969, Ashvinder Singh started Uni Style Image in 1990. Known for his bold and consistent strategies, Ashvinder Singh has established USI as a classic polo brand all over India.

  • 'Durable'

    A product's durability is a true testament to how eco-friendly it is. We ensue all USI products are highly durable and do not lose life within 50 washes.

  • 'Classic'

    Timeless clothing, Timeless fits, Timeless designs. USI only produces. timeless classic wardrobe essentials.

  • 'Sustainable'

    Sustainability is simple. Sustainability is a must. USI pledges to only indulge in activities which are sustainable for humans and Earth.

  • '11'

    '11' means unity. 'Eleven' means collaboration. It is our duty as humans living in this Earth to collaborate with each other and partake in sustainable and ethical practices.