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About Us

Uni Style Image has evolved as an organization that has always had the focus and eagerness to create its own path. Originality was always a prerogative for us, which was inherited by our mother company, established in 1957; the growth of the USI logo has been iconic since then. The values that make us who we are have always been the same since its inception.

Echoed with the belief of not wanting to conform to the traditional industry norms, USI has always been innovating, set its own stringent benchmarks, and has today become an example unto its own.

Since then, USI has very elegantly evolved into a brand with niche creations for the niche customer.

What we believe in

The dream is not to create just fashion and to clothe you the way we want, but to create niche fashion that brings out the best in you.

The final product envelopes the consumer with total comfort and elegance, where each creation becomes truly wonderful more by design than merely by chance.

USI believes that raising awareness to conserve our natural environment is our business, and change is just a matter of habit. We believe in spreading the message globally to Recycle, Reuse and Reserve.

Under the banner “Give my planet back,” join the movement along with us to protect our endangered species. Let us consume less, waste less, and occupy less because less is more. Make the difference join the USI ENVIRO CLUB.


Become instrumental to herald an environmental movement through its classic timeless fashion. To make the environmentalists from across the globe become synonymous with the USI logo.


To work more vigorously towards reducing the carbon footprint.
To augment the fellowship in our movement and make more people communicate through our logo.


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