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USI PIK 32 EXTN 35 Polo Relax Fit

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USI Masculine Polo with matching knitted collar and sleeve tape. Very sturdy fabric with immense strength to last long. Garment construction is suitable and strong. Smart fit. Solid placket with USI intermingles logo embroidery on the chest.

  • Care Instructions: Wash inside out Use only mild soaps and very less. If required only. Rinsing in flowing water is good enough Dry inside out, iron very mild inside out if required. Though ironing is not required.
  • Fit Type: Slim Fit
  • *High quality knitted cotton fabric. Easy to wear and adjustable
  • *Breathable, circular knit fabric 200GSM.
  • *USI Pik 32 Polo enables you to wear it for long periods of time becasue it is delicate to the skin.
  • *Reusable because it is washable (up-to 40 washes, Per wear cost will be less then Rs. 25/- appr.) *Biodegradable, being cotton content, it will dissolve in the soil when the product is thrown after it is used to its highest potential.