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USI Enviro Club

USI Enviro Club


Since its inception, USI has been committed to protecting the environment. That's why in 1996, USI founded the EnviroClub. A non-profit interest group for spreading awareness regarding the importance of natural resources for a better tomorrow. Under the banner of EnviroClub, USI has not only been following several environmental practices but also promoting conscious living by protecting and preserving the Environment. Starting with a small step like providing employment opportunity to the underprivileged. USI has been consistent in extending support towards various concerns of the society. 

For thirty years now USI has been organising painting competitions to spread messages of awareness. One such event was the 'Let's paint the Earth Green' painting competition on the Environment Day. Several children participated and painted their imagination of a greener world. Every year on 31st May, World Anti Tobacco Day, children from both big and small schools and slums participate in a poetry writing contest and express whatever they feel like on anti-tobacco.

These competitions are organized in schools as a genuine effort towards making the youth conscious of the dangers of smoking and the side effects it has on passive smokers. What's more, this year it was the tenth time USI conducted a cross-country run in Lady Sri Ram College for the safety of women. 

USI leaves no opportunity to express its love for good things in life. For years it has been using its T-shirts to spread inspiring messages like, 'Give my planet back. Save Ozone layer', 'Water is life. Don't waste it', 'Green revolution, the best solution to arrest pollution' and many more. 

In addition to all this. USI uses carry bags made out of recycle products and FSC certified environment-friendly stationery, in fact this paper which you're holding right now is also recycled. The company has a stunning Fashion line created out of left-overs and has dedicated 30% of its range to Enviro Clothing. All this clearly indicates its commitment to nature. 

Team USI aims to Inform and inspire people to be concerned as a human being. In this endeavour the company has introduced various tools so that people can convert their intentions into actions. After all, each small plus, adds up to a big sum. And this way by doing small things one can bring a huge impact in this world. 

USI invites you too to be a part of this responsible initiative and join the EnviroClub and make a difference. 


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