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The Brand

Who We Are

Uni Style Image is a thirty year old company established in 1990. Uni Style Image is a progressive, dynamic and consistent nation company that has graduated from just a clothing company to a brand.  The rhythm though never got broken and all the cogs of the wheel kept the same timber as the brand progressed from infancy to maturity.

We Never Compromise

Uni Style Image clothing is based on one simple principle: never compromise comfort for the sake of style and fashion: Be it the straight cuts or graphics used or the choice of colours everything is created with comfort in mind. That's probably the reason why when customers want to feel at ease, they always choose USI.

This was also reflected in the efforts made to make the products an extension of the corporate philosophy- subtle, elegant, durable, cosmopolitan while at time setting the pace for the rest to follow.

We are Superior

Uni style Image has always emphasized on simple and comfortable designs. Even the colors used are soothing and the wide range of size is something that no other clothing company offers. All these qualities put together deliver one promise to the customer the promise of comfort.

USI uses the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to create the best-quality clothes. The raw material is brought from the best cotton fields around the world. In fact care is taken to ensure that even the thread used is of premium quality. The effort is seen in the quality of our clothes.

We are Looking Beyond

Our mission is not being just a brand but to go beyond. We don't want our self to be restricted, showcased in showrooms but want to venture into hearts of common man. Our mission is to make difference not as a result of contrived efforts but the result of keeping faith while it would have been more convenient to get carried away with the flow. Our mission is to make this world a better place to live. This measured and considered approach to business reflects in the careful selection of business partners who understood the ethos of the brand and were confident of preserving it. This was expected in the efforts made to make the products an extension of the philosophy.

We Create Environment

Uni Style Image works to offer truly wonderful clothing. But more importantly, it also contributes towards making the world a truly wonderful place to live in. It has a dedicated club called the 'USI Enviro Club' which encourages people to join and contribute, either organizing 'plant a tree' programmes or promoting a greener world through our brand and other media.

Apart from endeavors to ensure a greener world, USI also tries to do its bit on other issues. We organize workshops, competitions for creating awareness on AIDS, celebration of peace, anti tobacco day etc. And people were encouraged to donate their old toys for lesser privileged children on children's day. With these events, we hope to create a better environment .


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